Shuttle - Pensacola Airport to and from Fort Walton Beach FL

Fort Walton Beach Bridge

How Far is it From the Pensacola Airport to Fort Walton Beach Florida

If taking the most direct route (Hwy 98),  the distance from the Pensacola Airport to the Fort Walton Beach area is approximately 41 miles. The transit time in normal traffic is about 1 hour. During the busy season (March through September), more transit time should be assumed, especially on the weekends. Saturday to Saturday is the most common rental arrangement for condominiums and houses in the Fort Walton Beach area.  So,  Saturdays will always be the busiest day of the week.  Standard checkout times are 10 and 11 AM.  If possible, you should plan a pick up to the airport before 10 AM to avoid being stuck in traffic. 

Flying in or out of the Pensacola International Airport

Although the name implies International flights, there are actually no direct international flights going in or out of the Pensacola Airport. The airport is considered small by most standards. However, it is considered one of the busiest airports in Florida. There is currently one terminal. However, since the airport has experienced exponential growth over the last few years, there are currently plans to add a second terminal. There a total of 7 airlines that fly in and out of the Pensacola Airport (American, Delta, Frontier, Silver, Southwest, Spirit and United).

Direct Shuttle versus Ride Share Shuttle

A ride share shuttle service will,  in most cases transport multiple passengers and make multiple stops along the way to and from the airport. This type of service will undoubtedly be the least expensive transportation option when available. A direct shuttle will transport an individual or group directly to or from the airport. Our service is, far the most part a direct shuttle service, with the occasional ride share.   

Rates - How we compare to Other Transportation Options (Uber & Lyft)

We charge a flat rate for our shuttle service. We have established rates for the most traveled to destinations, with Fort Walton Beach being one of those areas. Our rates are based primarily on mileage and currently average approximately $2.25 per mile for most areas.  For high traffic areas such as Destin, Sandestin and Miramar Beach, the per mile rate will tend to be higher. Other transportation options that service the Pensacola Airport are airport taxis, Uber and Lyft. Airport taxis will charge by the meter, which is $2.75 per mile, with a initial pick up fee of $3.00. Time in traffic will also be factored in. Regular users of Uber and Lyft will know that their prices can at times fluctuate wildly, depending on the call volume and the availability of drivers.  During our busy season (March through September) their rates can on occasion double what our service charges.  

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