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Airport Shuttle – Pensacola Airport to or from Orange Beach AL

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Orange Beach AL

What is the Closest Airport to Orange Beach AL?

The Pensacola International Airport is the closest airport to Orange Beach AL, being 33 miles away. The Pensacola International Airport is a public use airport 3 miles from the central business district of Pensacola. Despite it’s name, commercial international  flights are currently not offered. While many airports ask their customers to arrive 2 hours prior to boarding, the airlines servicing the Pensacola Airport will generally recommend arriving 1 hour early. The next closest airport to the Orange Beach area is the Mobile Regional Airport which is approximately 72 miles away. 

How Far is it From Pensacola Airport to Orange Beach?

The distance from the Pensacola Airport to or from Orange Beach can be anywhere from 30 to 35 miles, with the transit time being an hour to an hour and 15 minutes in normal traffic. If you are departing from Pensacola Airport, you should check with your airline to determine how early you need to be there before departure time. Most of our trips are private rides. However, there may be an occasion where you may share a ride with other passengers that will be traveling on the same route. If you do share a ride, we do try to insure an extra stop will not add any more than 10 minutes to the total transit time. For the current rate for Orange Beach airport transportation, check out our rate page. 

Shared Ride versus Direct Shuttle

A shared ride service is a shuttle service that makes multiple stops picking up other passengers. A direct shuttle service will take you directly to your destination. Our service is primarily a direct shuttle service, providing door-to-door service to or from the Orange Beach area. There may be an occasion whereas there may be an additional stop along the route.  If you do share a ride, we do try to insure an extra stop will not add more than 5 minutes to the total transit time. We offer a private shuttle for an additional charge for those that have time constraints or do not want to travel with other passengers. 

Rates - How We Compare to Other Transport Services(Uber, Lyft Airport Taxis)

We charge a flat rate that is very competitive for the Orange Beach AL area. Our rates are based primarily  on mileage (approximately $2.25 per mile). In comparison,  a taxi service will by meter charge $2.75 per mile, a pick up charge of $3.00 and time in traffic will also factor in.  Those that are regular users of Uber and Lyft know that rates can fluctuate wildly (especially during the busy season) depending on call volume and the availability of drivers. For the current rate for Orange Beach transportation, check out our rate page. If you need a rate for an area not listed on our rate page, please go to our get a quote page.