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Shuttle - Pensacola Airport to or from Spanish Fort AL

Spanish Fort Alabama

Why Use Our Shuttle Service

When you book with our shuttle service to or from the Spanish Fort AL area, you can always count on our driver being at your pick up address on or before the scheduled pick time. In 7 years we have provided airport shuttle service to thousands of satisfied customers

Flying in and out of the Pensacola International Airport

By FAA standards, the Pensacola International Airport is considered a small hub airport. However, excluding 2020 and COVID-19, since 2018 the airport has experienced exponential growth (16 and 17% increases for 2018 and 2019 respectively). Most airports in the United States plan for a 2-3% growth. A total of 7 airlines fly in and out of  the Pensacola – American, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, Spirit, United and Silver.  Currently, the flights start running around 5:30 AM.  At this writing, the airport and their airline partners recommend arriving at the airport 2 hours prior to boarding.  Based on the feedback we are getting from our customers, arriving 1 hour before departure is usually sufficient. 

Ride Share Versus Direct Shuttle

Whether going to or from the airport, a ride share shuttle will make multiple stops picking up passengers. This is type of service is common in larger markets. t With a direct shuttle service, it is a ride to or from the airport without making stops and picking up other passengers. With our shuttle service, it is for the most part a direct shuttle. However, occasionally we may make a stop along the way to pick up or drop of other passengers. For those customers that want a private shuttle, we offer that service at a minimal charge. 

Rates - How We Compare to Other Transportation Services

We offer a very affordable flat for our service. Our flat rate is based on approximately $2.25 per mile with some areas being on the high end because of anticipated heavy traffic  (the Destin and Miramar Beach area are two examples).  In comparison, a local taxi service will charge $2.75 per mile as a minimum charge. Time in traffic also factors in.  Uber and Lyft rates will vary depending on call volume and availability of drivers. Check out our rate page for the cost of a shuttle in your area.  If you need a rate for an area not shown on our rate page, please go to our get a quote page

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