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Pensacola Airport Shuttle to or From Gulf Shores AL

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How far is it from the Pensacola Airport to Gulf Shores

The distance from the Pensacola Airport to Gulf Shores can vary anywhere from 35 to 60 miles. Addresses in the Fort Morgan area of Gulf Shores will be in the 45 to 60 mile range.  The transit  time to and from Gulf Shores addresses will range anywhere from 1 to 1/1/2 hours in normal traffic. During the busy season, you may have to add additional time because of heavy traffic.  If you are needing transportation to the Pensacola Airport, you should check with your airline to determine how early you need to be there before departure time,  so an appropriate pick up time can be arranged., 

Why Use Our Shuttle Service?

Able Airport Shuttle has built a reputation based on being prompt, safe, price competitive and offering superior customer service. Our shuttle service will usually average  several trips a day to or from  the Gulf Shores / Orange Beach area.  Scheduling in advance (24 hours in advance) is the preferred way to go.  However, we do accept reservations on short notice, provided their is a shuttle available. By scheduling your pick up in advance, you can lock your airport transfer up and not have to worry about scrambling around for a ride at the last minute. 

Flying in or out of the Pensacola International Airport

The Pensacola International Airport (PNS) is a relatively small, but high traffic airport in the Northwest Florida Panhandle area. There are 7 airlines currently serving the airport: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier, Southwest, Spirit, Silver and United. If you are flying into the Pensacola Airport and have luggage to collect, you can usually plan on that being a 15 to 30 minute process. If you are flying out of Pensacola Airport and need to arrange transportation getting you there, the airlines will in most cases,  ask  you to arrive at least an hour prior to boarding.

Shuttle Types - Ride Share versus Direct Shuttle

A “Ride Share” type shuttle, as the name implies,  will generally make multiple stops picking up passengers along the way. Our service, for the most part is a direct shuttle service with the occasional extra stop.  With Pensacola Airport being a relatively small airport, on a typical trip we will transport a few passengers or small group. There may be an occasion whereas there may be an additional stop along the way to pick up additional passengers. We try to keep that to  a minimum to insure a comfortable ride for our customers. Customers that want do not want to make additional  stops can request a private shuttle for an additional charge (See rate page).  

Rates - How We Compare to Other Transportation Services - Uber and Lyft

We charge a flat rate as shown on our rate page, which is a base rate (covers two passengers) plus a charge for each additional passenger. Our rates are based primarily on mileage, but anticipated transit time can also be factored in for certain high traffic areas.  We charge a flat rate which will average $2.25 a mile or possibly less.  In comparison, an airport taxi will charge $2.75 per mile and time in traffic will also be factored in. Uber and Lyft prices will fluctuate, with surge pricing being a factor.  For our current rate for the Gulf Shores area,  check out our rate page.  If you need a rate for transportation not shown on our rate page, go to our get a quote page. 

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