Shuttle - Pensacola Airport to or from Gulf Breeze


How Far is Gulf Breeze FL from the Pensacola Airport?

With the mileage from the Pensacola Airport to the Gulf Breeze FL area being anywhere from 20 to 30 miles, the commute time will be in the range of 30 to 45 minutes in normal traffic. Whether needing transportation to or from the airport, additional time should be considered for your transfer during the busy season (March through August).

Pensacola International Airport

The Pensacola International Airport is located 6 miles the from the downtown Pensacola area. The airport connects travelers to the world, However, it does not travel directly to overseas locations as the name implies. The Pensacola Airport is categorized as a small hub according to FAA’s criteria.  Long lines are not commonplace.  The airport as will as the airlines recommend arriving at the airport 2 hours prior to departure. However, feedback from most of our customers tell us that arriving an hour early is usually ample time. 

Ride Share versus Direct Shuttle

If you are frequently flier, you are most likely aware that there are basically two types of shuttle services, ride share and direct shuttle. A ride share will involve multiple stops and passengers to or from the airport. A direct shuttle will take your directly to your destination with no stops.  Our service can be categorized as a direct shuttle with the occasional ride share situation. Customers that prefer to not to make any stops to pick up other passengers along the way can opt for a private shuttle for an additional nominal fee. 


We charge a flat rate which is based primarily on mileage ($2.25 to $2.50 per mile). In areas of heavy traffic our rate will be on the high end. In comparison, the charge of a taxi service starts at a minimum of $2.75 per mile and a pick up fee of $3.00. The time in traffic is also factored in. So, in the busy season,  you will realize substantial savings by using our shuttle service.  To get a current rate for the Gulf Breeze FL area, check out our rate page. If you need a rate for an area not listed on our rate page, please go to our get a quote page.